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    Pistol Seminar
    Pistol Seminar / Multiple attackers Seminar UK GABI NOAH
  2. 1
    CIC Part I
    Brussels Gabi (7 – 11) Harry (12 – 16)
  3. 2
    Military Course
    Brussels Gabi Noah
  4. 3
    Tour & Training
    Tour & Training + Tests Portugal Moises Frutuoso
  5. 4
    CIC Part I
    CIC Part I + Open Seminar Portugal Moises Frutuoso
IKM was founded in 2009 by Gabi Noah - We operate worlwide.

The Clubs under our auspices provide classes held on a weekly basis, private tuition, seminars, courses for instructors, the military and law enforcement instructors courses as well as VIP security guard courses.

Tour and training courses are arranged in Israel , a nice way of learning Krav Maga and touring Israel at the same time, as well as G- expert level seminars.

Come and be part of the IKM family and enjoy courses tailored to your specific needs.